The photos on this page are The Lazy Heart Grill in action. Please enjoy.  

Photos of Action at The Grill

Rockin' The Lazy Heart Grill
Most Friday and Saturday nights we manage have a local cowboy or two bring a guitar in and pick and sing a few for us. That is his tip jar there on the little chair in front of him.
The singin' cowboy by the fireplace.

Ok. So, yes........ we will let almost anyone pick and sing. Even if they are not a cowboy.


This is "Git Mo" Bill bustin' out some Elvis. 

A party celebrating an 80th birthday at the Lazy Heart.

Celebrating the western heritage of Saint Jo with wagon rides in front of the Stonewall Saloon and the Lazy Heart.
Gun fight at the Stonewall Saloon and Lazy Heart Grill.
Bad Bart, one of the fastest gun slingers in these parts. As you can see, he is still standing. That is a pretty good sign for a gun slinger.
Bringin' the good times to the Lazy Heart Grill.
The Borden Gang rockin' the Grill.
Christmas Party in the Dance Hall

Those zaney day shift gals spreading that Christmas Cheer.

Jeff Smithart is a good freind to the Lazy Heart. He stops in to pick and sing sometimes when he is in the area. Check Jeff's new CD, "Redneck Proud" out at  should be hitting shelves in mid to late May, 2012.


In this photo Jeff is kind enough to let the 3 awsome Reeves girls, all not only sisters but awesome singers and all help us out here at the Grill on weekends. This was a great experience for these gals and Jeff is a great guy for helping them out.


You never know what you might find us doing here in Saint Jo, Texas.